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Hiring in the 21st century: Unclog your talent pipeline first

Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not.

We would expand this to say that most talent systems are not equipped to capture high potential talent. Businesses that solve the pipeline challenge while ensuring superior candidate experience win this war for talent.

Talent acquisition and hiring systems evolve over time. The objective for most companies is to ensure the best talent out there is available for them to screen and select. Multiple testing and assessment programs are added to make the process a robust, fair and transparent one. With the increase in use and integration of digital technologies in talent systems, there is also the need to streamline multiple technologies to make the whole system work efficiently. This is a complex process and one that managers spend considerable time addressing. We had earlier written about how 21st century talent managers are ‘human engineers’, and how KnackApp has simplified the process of talent acquisition and empowered managers.

As such systems get built over time, there is also the likelihood of them getting increasingly complex. While many businesses may not recognize this internally, the complexity is reflected at the applicant end thus diminishing the candidate experience. It is not uncommon that candidates undergo multiple selection rounds and not get selected. We have also noticed that companies spend a lot more resources (and executive time) in the latter stages of the decision cycle rather than at the pipeline stage, which is a better place to screen and index talent.

KnackApp’s AI powered matching and indexing solution helps achieve this with very low resource intensity by engaging with talent with fun mobile games at the pipeline stage. Regardless of the number of applicants and channels, KnackApp’s algorithms can index individuals by skills and stream the best talent for you to evaluate, all in an automated manner.

This, we see, is the first step to solving for the talent challenge.

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