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Knack Impact in South Africa

Youth Employment Services

Dr. Tashmia Ismail-Saville is the CEO of Youth Employment Service (YES) in South Africa where she leads a revolution in youth employment and lays the groundwork for a future of inclusion and equitable growth for young South Africans.

YES uses KnackApp and KnackApp for Business to discover the hidden potential and surface the unexpected talents of youth in matching them to the most promising jobs and work experiences. 

Tashmia shared this feedback with us—

“We used KnackApp to filter groups for interviews to select finalists for an urban farming programme in Tembisa Township.

The team was astounded by the accuracy of the profiling when they met the individuals face-to-face at their interviews. The Knack profiles had matched what they were looking for. Brendon said it was incredible to see how Knack had enabled this selection process so accurately.”

Human capital is the scarcest and most valuable asset pool that companies build to run their business. Yet companies fail badly in using their human capital base to seize new opportunities and create immense business value. That’s a huge loss.

Identifying people’s unexpected talents is the single most important driver of success in the digital economy

It’s not too late to change your future. Get started today.

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