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What do job applicants take away from Knack?

We do not live in a perfect world where right opportunity meets the right talent all the time. However, our experience at Knack says otherwise.

Today’s job applicants are mobile savvy. They seek feedback that is instant and valuable. They like to process the feedback to improve themselves. The experience of the applicant is an important indicator of their opportunity fit but also a signal of an employer’s intent to build a fair and transparent hiring process.

Here is feedback from a user survey carried out among 250+ applicants shortlisted from a base over one thousand users, and formed part of a graduate recruitment program in Asia.

Every individual that connected and completed the Knack gamification challenge is also provided an instant feedback about their top 3 strengths on their mobile device, a unique takeaway.

The following feedback makes us believe we are on the right path:

“I can’t also wait for Knack to be introduced to my country. I have been sharing my story with my community of how Knack changed my life. People are amazed to hear how three games helped me get a scholarship for my undergraduate studies. Am so thankful this is a wonderful miracle blessing.”

This came from an aspiring college student from Mozambique who is now studying at the prestigious African Leadership University in Rwanda. Learn more about our partnership with ALU here.

Experience Knack for yourself:

If you are an individual and want to learn about your strengths, download the free KnackApp on iOS or Android!

If you are a business looking for honest signals about talent, sign up for a free business account and explore our full catalog of 150+ knacks. To know more, write to us at

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