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Knacks by Game

Sometimes the simplest campaign is the best campaign. Below, you will see which games measure which knacks. This will allow you to create the most streamlined campaign that is also quicker for the game player.

If you don’t see a particular knack, it means that it requires more than one game!

Bomba Blitz

Bomba Blitz


  1. Acting with Self-Confidence
  2. Having a Digital Mindset
  3. Seeking Knowledge
  4. Balancing Emotions
  5. Crunching Numbers
  6. Thinking Critically
  7. Solving Problems
Meta Maze

Meta Maze


  1. Adapting to Change
  2. Being Self Disciplined
  3. Focusing on Details
  4. Getting Things Done
  5. Gritting Things Out
  6. Not Giving Up
  7. Acting with Self-Confidence
  8. Having a Growth Mindset
  9. Rapid Learning
  10. Seeking Knowledge
  11. Thriving on Feedback
  12. Balancing Emotions
  13. Engaging with People
  14. Crunching Numbers
  15. Solving Problems
  16. Thinking Creatively
  17. Thinking Critically
Dashi Dash

Dashi Dash

  1. Gritting Things Out
  2. Not Giving Up
  3. Acting Diplomatically
  4. Taking The High Road
  5. Believing In Your Own Self Improvement
  6. Reading Emotions
  7. Understanding and Managing Relationships
  8. Crunching Numbers
  9. Solving Problems

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