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Hiring, recruitment, leadership, and innovation talent discovery with Knack!

Our mission at Knack is to create the 21st century gateway to talent and opportunity. This digital talent gateway is data-driven, bias-free, and powered by neuroscience mobile games.

The opportunities are endless for companies, schools, other organizations to leverage this technology. Here are a few ways that leading companies are using Knack and transforming their organizations:

Hiring and Recruitment

Companies and even colleges are able to use Knack to scale their recruitment process in a data-driven way that is aligned to their unique culture and hiring goals.

Many types of companies have used Knack for a variety of high, medium, and lower skill roles:

  1. A global banking firm increased their high-performing hires by 139% and decreased their lower performers by 100% with Knack.
  2. This food and beverage company successfully hire retail employees who were better fits and stronger workplace performers.
  3. A financial firm wanted to ensure that employees were providing stellar customers service. Knack allowed them to hire more customer-centric employees and also reduce the number of “less customer-centric” employees.

Leadership Development

Learn about how a leading social impact organization was able to identify and develop more leaders within their organization.

Innovation Discovery

Companies live and die through innovation. Royal Dutch Shell sought to identify innovation talent internally and turned to Knack. It turns out that the KnackApp identified the highest potential innovators with 100% accuracy!

Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud that Knack’s algorithms eliminate bias according to age, gender, race, and ethnicity. This serves to level the playing field for everyone, regardless of their background or life experience. Whether we are helping refugees understand their potential and connect to opportunity or providing college and career guidance to underserved high school students, making the world a fairer place is integral to our mission.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started with the KnackApp for Business and be part of our talent gateway of the future!

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