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Getting Started with KnackApp for Business

If you are here, we assume you already have a Knack business account. If not, take a minute and sign up here for free:

Knack is used by individuals and organizations in 120+ countries. We have compiled the top resources that will help you get started.

Did you know you can download KnackApp and learn about your top 3 strengths for free? If you are keen to know how we are able to do that with just mobile games, look no further than this post by our head of R&D. Why Neuroscience-Games?

You have a Knack business account and want to get started right away. Look no further than this quick post on setting up a campaign. It only takes as much time to setup and launch a Knack campaign as it takes to read this short post. How to create a Knack campaign?

You have setup a campaign and have the link with you. All you have to do is get people to connect to your campaign. Here are some options for you. How to connect to a campaign?

Knack scores are used as ‘human signals’ to predict talent potential. Organizations use Knack for screening, shortlisting, hiring, talent benchmarking, matching individuals to relevant careers and so on. Learn more about how Knack can disrupt the way you look at talent. Interpreting Knack scores

We understand that each organization has unique talent propositions. That is why some of the world’s best talent organizations build Custom Knacks to suit their specific needs. You can learn more about it here. How to build branded Branded Knacks

Knack offers the ability to easily ‘pull’ data into your systems. The API is free so just pass this link to your team team. Link to API documentation

Knack is used by some of the most progressive talent managers across the globe. We learn from them and we know one thing – it is not easy to deliver high quality talent. That is why we offer a simple yet powerful tool that empowers and amplifies the talent manager’s role in the organization. As cliche as it is, we called this post, The 21st Century Talent Manager

If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to write to us at

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