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Knack for Customer Service

Providing a stellar customer experience is a critical task for any company. Whether you are operating a fast food restaurant, running a consulting firm, or working at a tech startup, you need to put your customers first. There is truth to the old adage “the customer is always right.”

Knack’s neuroscience games are changing the game of identifying individuals who are customer-centric. Knack provides a better, faster, and cheaper solution so you can identify the best possible job candidates.

So how does Knack help companies accomplish this goal?

Data-Driven Neuroscience

Knack’s mobile games are fun and engaging, but is based on rigorous research. Our games and algorithms allow you to focus on objective data points that correlate with success in aptitude. Best of all, Knack is bias-free according to gender, race, age, and ethnicity so everyone has an equal shot!

Speed & Efficiency

Each Knack games takes 10-15 minutes to play and allows your recruiters or hiring managers to collect data spanning 35 cognitive and cognitive abilities, as well as 21st Century Skills, Leadership, and other areas.

Knack actually has a set of dedicated algorithms designed to identify high-potential customer service professionals:

  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Guest Services
  • Cashier
  • Front Desk
  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

You can learn more about these retail careers and roles in the Knack Store.

How does Knack impact customer hiring:

A global financial firm wanted to increase their customer service workforce performance. By using the KnackApp, the firm was able to simultaneously decrease the percentage of low-performing hires while increasing the percentage of high performers.

Using internal metrics, this company grouped employees into three buckets low performers (pink), medium performers (light green), and high performers (dark green). After having employees play the Knack games, the company realized that Knack scores correlated to actual workplace performance. This allowed the company to transform their workforce to 100% high performers.

Take a look at this before and after:

Interested in changing the game of your hiring?

Sign up to Knack’s cutting edge talent platform and create your free KnackApp for Business Account!

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