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How to create the best Knack campaign?

Best Knack Campaign

When we built Knack, it was with a bold mission: to unlock the world’s talent. Over time, we have helped companies, schools, governments, social impact organizations in 120+ countries accomplish this goal. When new organizations come to us, they will often ask:

“How do I create the best, most effective campaign?”

After all, a well-designed campaign can make all of the difference as you transform your organization’s human capital. However, every organization is distinctive with unique goals, so no two campaigns are going to be the same.

Here are some of our best-practices to help get you started:

1- Begin with a goal in mind

Are you you using Knack to screen for skills? Perhaps you are using it for hiring? Maybe you are hoping to find your company’s next generation of leaders. Whatever the case, you should keep your end-goal in mind. One of the worst approaches is just choosing every single Knack. This can be expensive and ineffective as meaningful data points will get lost in the noise.

Are you assessing for leadership? Choose all of the Leadership Knacks for you campaign.

Are you hiring for a specific position? Start with a Career Knack. If you want more nuanced data points about skills, you can choose 5-6 other knacks for important skills, traits, and competencies.

2- More games is not always more fun

The KnackApp contains three games–Bomba Blitz, Dashi Dash, and Meta Maze. Each game takes roughly 10 minutes to play so playing all of the games will take a half hour. If you want to streamline the experience for your end-users, keep an eye on the required number of games in the BusinessApp:

3- Less can be more for knacks too

Similar to more games, more Knacks is also not necessarily better. We recommend that you use no more than 10 Knacks in a given campaign. Sometimes, highly effective campaigns only include a single knack. L

4- Create a specific name for your campaign

In order to stay organized, it can be useful to include a date, location, and other information specific to the goal of the campaign. For instance, Software Engineers would not be a great campaign name. 2/19 Software Engineers (New York, NY) would be much better.


You can always reach out to use at We are here to help!

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