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Knack for 21st Century Talent Managers

Talent Managers

Knack is used by talent managers, recruiters, and human resources leaders in 50+ countries at any given point of time. This gives us an incredible opportunity to interact and understand folks that place talent in the centre of their organization’s growth and business needs. In effect, they translate the aspirations of the applicants, match them to opportunities, and support business managers execute on their goals.

While talent seems quite ubiquitous, the process to discover, attract, screen, assess and hire (the right talent) is far from simple. Conventional methods and tools use a combination of CVs, job experience, testimonials, job evaluation interviews and digital assessments to drive decisions. The process is carried out for multiple roles and programs many times over. This makes the role of a talent manger a challenging one.

We notice the role of a talent manager is one that has evolved from a reactive role to one that is planned yet dynamic, involves a lot of learning and requires integration of many moving parts to successfully deliver talent to the company. Some of these tasks, in no order, are listed below.

  • Manage expectations within the company
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Partnering with business managers to capture requirements and performance inputs
  • Build on data to track effectiveness of hiring (funnelling efficiency, hiring ratio, performance feedback, etc)
  • Manoeuvre internal procurement and legal systems
  • Negotiate the marketplace to identify the right set of tools
  • Validation and adoption of technology-based tools
  • Decision making with better quality data

We understand that at Knack. Our goal is to simplify and empower the talent manager while ensuring a fun, stimulating and engaging experience for the applicant. 

The image below provides usage patterns from a cross-section of our self-service customers, typically small-business owners and talent managers in mid/large sized companies, to meet recurring talent needs over the duration of a year.

The talent managers we interact with are more ‘human engineers’ than managers and they truly understand the possibility of turning raw talent into a highly rewarding career for the individual within the organization. This is because they fundamentally believe that each individual has a unique set of talents, which is what we believe at Knack.

You can check out our success stories, as well as research studies that have included Knack. Knack has had a transformative impact on many companies of all sizes, industries, and locations. 

E-mail us at if you want to talk about how Knack can supercharge your talent management. Or just sign up for a free business account and get started!

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