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Transforming Campus Recruiting

transform recruitment

Entry-level hiring is critical for the success of any organization. If you are like most companies, the largest source of talent is supplied by higher education. This is why companies spend so much time and money recruiting on the campuses of colleges and universities. The biggest problem with on-campus recruiting is that it is not scalable (not to mention it is quite resource intensive for the companies). On top of this, companies are only able to visit a fixed number of schools which means that many viable candidates are left out, simply because they don’t attend the right school. This can also limit a company’s ability to build more inclusive talent pipelines.

One global consulting firm reimagined their campus recruitment process in an innovative way that leveraged Knack’s technology. First, the human resources team identified a number of universities that the firm was not able to visit for one reason or another. However, given the academic profile and majors offered at the university, the firm was confident that there were a number of excellent candidates on-campus.

The firm then sent a custom KnackApp Link to the career services office at the university (note that it would also be possible to supplement this with digital marketing through social media).

Within a few weeks guess what happened?

The firm had sourced thousands of candidates without having to review any resume or spend time on campus recruiting. Using Knack’s AI-powered talent engine, they identified the top 5% of candidates who would be a good fit for the firm. On top of this, they were able to distinguish their brand and present themselves as a savvy, digital-first firm.

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