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Interpreting Knack Scores

Knack score interpretation

At Knack, we pride ourselves on being a very data-driven organization. Naturally, we can provide our partner organization with 150+ data points per person who plays Knack. We call these data points “knacks” with a lowercase “k”. Here’s a quick guide on how to best interpret knack scores:

First things first, what types of data do knacks include?

Knacks (with a lowercase “k”) can include a really wide range of data spanning the cognitive and non-cognitive skill spectrum, as well as potential in different careers, leadership roles, and 21st century skills. You can find our entire portfolio of knack data algorithms in our KnackApp for Business.

People have started to play Knack and now I see all of these scores–what do these mean?

As people begin to play Knack, you (as a Knack account administrator) will see specific scores for each of the different knacks that you have selected. In the KnackApp for Business, it will look a little bit like this:

All of these scores are percentile scores which show how an individual stacks up against the rest of the world. When we built Knack, we used a very large reference population which included people from all over the world, from all walks of life, different educational backgrounds, different job histories, etc.

In the above sample set of data, we interpret the person’s Having a Growth Mindset score as very high–they are in the 98th percentile. Rapid Learning is also very high. This person can likely be counted on to demonstrate these traits to a high degree in the workplace.

However, Having a Digital Mindset is quite a bit lower meaning that this person is less likely to be a standout in this area. This also means that Having a Digital Mindset is a growth area and there is lots of room for improvement. Generally, we would follow these guidelines as far as interpreting scores:

  • Scores of 80+: Very High Potential
  • Scores between 60-80: High Potential
  • Scores between 40-60: Average Potential
  • Scores below 40: Lower Potential/Growth Opportunity

Bonus tip: if you aren’t sure how we are defining a specific knack, you can click on the knack to read the definition:

What about the overall, composite Knack score? How is that calculated?

The composite scores are weighted averages of all knacks chosen for a campaign. More weight is given to Career Knacks and Custom Knacks because those are the most job-specific knacks.

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