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Changing the Game of Leadership Development

Leadership Knacks

“Leadership is an ever-evolving position.”

Mike Krzyzewski, Head Basketball Coach at Duke University

Strong leadership can make or break any organization. As Mike Krzyzewski (aka “Coach K”) says, it is also something that is always evolving. Companies not only want to stay on the cutting edge of leadership development, but they want to ensure that they will be on the cutting edge in the future.

This was the inspiration behind our Leadership Knacks–the opportunity to create scalable, data-driven, and equitable ways for organizations to discover, attract, and develop leadership.

The Future of Leadership Development

Our Research & Development team worked to design and test a set of Leadership Knack algorithms that span the many different types of leadership including:

Agile Leadership

Change Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Innovation Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Operational Leadership

You can learn more about these knacks in our Knack Store!

What does this mean for my company?

All organizations are able to leverage cutting-edge, AI-powered leadership identification technology. This can be applied to developing new leadership pipelines outside of your organization OR can be used to identify “hidden leaders” within your organization.

Best of all, these Leadership Knacks can be had at a $3 per knack!

How have organizations transformed leadership development?

A global social impact organization knew that leadership was essential to perpetuating their mission. Through Knack, the organization was able to double the number of high impact leaders within their organization and eliminate the lowest impact leaders.

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