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Knack for Retail Hiring

Knack Retail Hiring

Retail hiring is one of the toughest things to get right. Turnover is high and applicants have many options. As retail hiring tends to be local, companies are in constant competition with with each other. This puts a premium on having an efficient hiring process, as well as distinguishing your company brand.

Knack’s neuroscience games are a proven solution to solving both of these pain points for any company hiring for retail. Best of all, Knack is available at a very low price point ($3 per candidate), so whether you are a small family business or part of a large chain, you can take advantage of Knack.

So how does Knack help companies accomplish these goals?

Digital Branding

Knack’s mobile games are fun and engaging, which will distinguish your hiring process and show that you are a digital, cutting edge company (if you don’t believe us, try the free games yourself).


Each games takes 10-15 minutes to play and allow you to collect a robust set of data that spans cognitive and cognitive abilities including grit, growth mindset, collaboration skills, problem solving skills, and many other areas.

Knack actually has a set of dedicated algorithms designed to identify high-potential individuals in retail and customer service-focused jobs including:

  • Retail Associate
  • Store Manager
  • Store Clerk
  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier

You can learn more about these retail careers and roles in the Knack Store.

How does Knack impact retail hiring?

A multinational company wanted to transform their retail talent development pipeline. Through Knack Data, the company was able to simultaneously decrease the percentage of low-performing hires while increasing the percentage of high performers.

Take a look at this before and after:

Bring your hiring into the 21st century with Knack’s cutting edge talent platform and create your free KnackApp for Business Account!

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