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How to build Branded Knacks to predict success in your company?

In addition to our 125+ off-the-shelf algorithms available in the KnackApp for Business, we also build Branded Knacks for organizations to predict success in leadership programs, teams, jobs and roles; as well as “fit” with your organizational culture.

We’ve developed Branded Knacks to identify high potential talent for leadership, software engineering, marketing, trading, surgery, teaching, R&D, student success and others roles for many companies and organizations.

Here are some of the custom Knacks we have developed:

We offer two development options for organizations seeking to create custom solutions:

Option 1: Create a Custom Knack using our existing Knack framework

This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to create a Custom Knack. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Knacks. The Knack framework includes 150 algorithms that include cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, innovation, leadership, career aptitude, and 21st century skills. You can explore the Knack Store and identify the essential skills and traits for the role, organization, or team that you aim to predict for success.
  2. Weight Your Knacks. You can assign custom weighting to the selected Knacks.
  3. Brand Your Knack! Last but not least, you can select custom branding for your Knack! Once you have done this you can start using your new Knack!

The above is recommended for organizations with a proven competency framework and adequate data to support performance outcomes.

Option 2: Reverse engineering using high performance data

This solution is more resource-intensive, but is based on actual performance from within your organization.  Organizations like African Leadership University have used this bespoke solution to drive recruitment and talent identification. Here’s how it works:

1. Identify a critical business or organization challenge. This could include predicting sales performance, identify high performance leaders, predicting student success, or identifying innovators.

2. Select your test cohort and key internal metrics. We recommend a group of at least 150 individuals for participation in the development exercise.

3. Test the cohort and make them available for 30-45 mins to complete all three Knack games.

4. Knack will develop a custom model using Knack game data and key metrics

5. Brand the Knack and immediately start using in your business account!

Are you interested in creating a custom Knack solution for your company or organization?

Reach out to us at

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