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How does Knack work?

Knack Science

“Indeed in just ten to twenty minutes, the [Knack] games collected enough information to make an assessment of my abilities. Naturally, I was skeptical that a game I had just downloaded to my smartphone revealed more about my potential in just a few minutes than a four-hour SAT test.”

Jeff Selingo – There is Life after College

Raise your hand if you had a similar thought after playing Knack.

I’m sure there are more than a handful of you reading this with your hands raised. After all, it is quite remarkable that a series of mobile games can capture so much data.

Despite the fun and engaging experience of playing Knack, there is some serious science going on underneath the hood (we also have some serious scientists on our team).

Even if you are not a scientist, we want you to have an understand of how Knack works. We will try to break this down as simply as possible. Knack can be understood by digging into four aspects of Knack:

Psychological State of Flow

Knack’s games are designed to immerse players in its digital experience, engaging them in a psychological state of ‘flow’ (optimal psychological experience). We want people to be engaged as opposed to completely stressed out (when you are in a job interview) or totally relaxed (as you might be while binging a show on Netflix)

Tracking Microbehaviors

Playing a game involves approximately 2500 micro-behaviors per game, including active and passive decisions, actions, reactions, learning, exploration, and more. As an individual plays, Knack’s algorithms process micro-behavioral data streams to measure the strengths of the person’s behavioral skills and abilities to identify high potential areas.

Predicting Potential

Knack has developed predictive data models that measure 35 specific traits, abilities, and skills, potential across 90+ career paths, as well as 21st Century Skills, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and other areas. You can read about all of the Knacks through our Knack Business App.

Knack Impact

You can check out our success stories, as well as research studies that have included Knack. Knack has had a transformative impact on many companies of all sizes, industries, and locations. E-mail us at if you want to talk about how Knack can supercharge your talent management.

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