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Measuring essential social skills

Measuring essential social skills

When employers are asked what skills they value the most, social skills consistently come up. In fact, despite the rise of technology and automation, the importance of social skills is actually rising. 

Our Relationship Knacks help show how an individual relates to other people, as well as themselves.

As a hiring manager, identifying candidates with strong social skills will ensure that the candidate will work well with others and understand the norms of the organization. This is important or working with coworkers, as well as customers and partners outside of the organization.

Our set of Relationship Knacks include eight essential social and relationship skills:

  1. Understanding & Managing Relationships
  2. Balancing Emotions
  3. Reading Emotions
  4. Working Collaboratively
  5. Being Culturally Aware
  6. Taking Someone Else’s Perspective
  7. Engaging with People
  8. Collaborating Virtually

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