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Afrika Tikkun uses Knack to (em)power youth into the 21st century

Afrika Tikun Knack

Afrika Tikkun provides comprehensive cradle to career programming for  young men and women in South Africa and reaches over 12,000 young people (between the ages of 14 and 29) annually.

Through six centers (located throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town) Afrika Tikkun provides career development programs, personalized advising, and skilling opportunities in hospitality, retail, banking and financial services, and IT support services.

Over the past few months, Afrika Tikkun has used the KnackApp with over 250 individuals in all six of its centers. Notably, females comprised over 60% of all participant. Through the KnackApp, participants were able to learn about their strengths and connect to skilling opportunities in hospitality, technology support services, banking and financial services. This data was also used as a signalling mechanism to help showcase the strengths of specific students to employers. Additionally, Afrika Tikkun was able to engage potential employers by showcasing the strengths within the cohort of youth in a variety of career domains:

Afrika Tikkun

“Knack represents a revolutionary way to match young people’s talent and innate skill sets to specific careers within diverse industry sectors that is best suited for their personal and career development and growth” said Marc Lubner, CEO of Afrika Tikkun.

“We are excited about the partnership with Knack, as it will help us clearly identify the innate strengths of young people, provide career guidance accordingly and align their development to careers, skills training and employment opportunities that they will thrive and be productive in with a view to positively impact their lives and the economy.”

This exciting collaboration allowed Afrika Tikkun to understand individuals more deeply and route them to best-fit career options in the labor market. The inclusiveness of the Knack tool helps scale this effort to all of Afrika Tikkun centres and also provide a great pipeline of talent to employers in South Africa. Ultimately, this serves as a blueprint for other organizations to disrupt systemic inequity and provide more equity and efficiency in the labor market.

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