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Knackonomics: Unlocking India’s talent potential

Unlocking India's talent potential
India's talent potential

We’re introducing the Iceberg, a series of data-driven insights we obtain from aggregate Knack data on the magnitude and distribution of the human capital stock within and across talent pools, including cities, communities, and countries.

Iceberg-level data has strategic implications for government policy and investment, for private sector workforce development, for education and vocational skilling investments, and for a whole host of economic, civic, and social development stakeholders. 
*  *  *The first Iceberg in the series shows the visible (credentialed) and hidden (raw) STEM potential in India. The key numbers below are staggering, and the economic value wrapped in India’s demographic dividend presents a unique opportunity to turn India into the STEM superpower of the future.
*  *  *Icebergs have several unique physical and environmental properties that make them a particularly insightful way to consider the human capital base of a society:

  • Typically, only the tip of the iceberg can be seen (normally 10% of the total iceberg mass), leaving 90% hidden below the surface. 
  • As icebergs melt, they contribute cold fresh water and influence ocean currents and circulation, a process that accelerates melting through natural feedback loops.
  • Studies have also shown that icebergs leak nutrients into the ocean, increasing the ecosystem’s biodiversity and making the water surrounding them teem with plankton, fish, and other see life.

Human potential is the new natural resource of countries and economies, and our data shows its abundance in every village, community, and society. The question is not whether a country has the potential for the future.

Knack data enables us to discover and pinpoint these precious resources and lay the digital infrastructure a country needs for scalable and efficient extraction and development.

Data-driven economic and workforce development helps identify targeted opportunities never before imagined.

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