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Knackonomics: Africa’s Untapped Potential

We’re introducing the second Iceberg in our series of macro-level Knack data insights and focusing on Africa’s Untapped Potential (the first Iceberg for India is here).

The new Iceberg shows the number of visible vs. hidden youth with high potential for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in Africa.

These numbers are staggering, and the economic value hidden in Africa’s demographic dividend presents a unique opportunity to turn the continent into a future STEM superpower.

Human potential is the new natural resource of countries and economies, and Knack data shows its availability — indeed, it’s abundance — in every town, community, and economy. Knack data enables us to discover these precious resources and build the digital infrastructure countries need for scalable and efficient extraction and development of their resources.

Iceberg-level data carries strategic and policy implications for programmatic government interventions and investment, for private sector workforce development, for education and vocational skilling programs, and for a whole host of economic, civic and social development stakeholders. 

Africa's Untapped Potential

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