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Knack & Youth Employment Service partner to transform youth employment

YES South Africa
Youth Employment Service

Suppose you have the right candidate in front of you, but she’s got no certificate and no work experience. How would you identify her grit and problem-solving skills? How would you overcome subconscious race and gender biases? 

Knack combines cutting-edge engineering, computational behavioral science and mobile gaming into a transformative technology that pinpoints people’s behavioral skills and hidden potential, and matches them to the right job opportunity—overcoming the bias and shortcomings of resumes and interviews, and breaking down the barriers created by job experience and credential requirements.

Knack is now partnering with Youth Employment Service and mobile carrier MTN to create app-enabled pathways to employment in order to get more youth into more jobs faster. 

Employers seeking to hire will look up the candidate pool and find candidates with the right set of skills for the job.

YES CEO Tashmia Ismail-Saville says:

“Knack works so well because it’s not about hard or technical skills. There is purpose in this company to genuinely change young lives. We finally have a tool to identify and appreciate people’s hidden skills at scale—thereby helping more youth to enter the workforce.”

This partnership will not only enable employers to de-risk hiring decisions, but it will also widen the talent pool and address the historical barriers to opportunity in South Africa.

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