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Knack Impact on Innovation Talent Discovery @ Shell

innovation discovery

When energy company Shell was attempting to retool their innovation pipeline, they ran a blind test and asked 1,400 employees who had contributed ideas to play Knack App games.

Using behaviour models that differentiate high and low impact innovators, Knack AI enhanced the ability of Shell to identify high impact innovators from 30% to a perfect 100%. This had significant positive impact on business:

  1. Increased number of high impact innovation projects and innovation outcomes
  2. Increased RoI on innovation investment
  3. Identification & retention of all high impact innovators
  4. Importantly, Knack ensured Shell would not miss out on identifying a potential innovator because of their race, gender, age, or ethnicity.

Before Knack:

30% Innovation Discovery

After Knack implementation: 

100% Innovation Discovery

You can also read more about Knack’s collaboration with Royal Dutch Shell in this article in The Atlantic.

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