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Knack Impact on Hiring Financial Analysts

Knack data from a leading global bank enabled us to measure the impact of Knack’s Behavioral AI predictive scores on hiring financial analysts. Using Knack, the bank was able to engage entry level candidates with Knack’s games and rapidly capture data. The results are clear and statistically significant.

Compared with human-driven evaluation and selection, human-and-AI-powered talent identification produced transformative outcomes:

-139% increase in the percentage of high performing financial analyst hires

-100% decrease in the percentage of poor performing analyst hires

AI-powered hiring with Knack
Impact of Knack on hiring

The business impact of Behavioral AI includes:

  1. Increasing workforce business performance
  2. Increasing acquisition speed and efficiency
  3. Cutting down the direct and indirect cost of wrong hires and termination

Knack also allows employers to engage candidates with a fun and engaging digital experience. 

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