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Knack Impact on Employee Productivity

recruitment with Knack

A global financial firm wanted to increase employee productivity in their operations department. In order to accomplish this goal they turned to Knack’s AI-powered talent platform.

We compared the productivity of employees hired in a traditional evaluation-and-selection process with those hired in an AI-powered hiring process. The results show Knack data enabled the employer to identify and hire stronger-fit talent and thus transform productivity and business outcomes.

Longitudinal and comparative data from a leading global financial firm enabled us to quantify the impact of Knack’s Behavioral AI on hiring and business and outcomes. The results are clear and statistically significant:

AI-powered hiring outcomes outperform traditional hiring by more than 50%

The business impact of Behavioral AI includes:

  1. Increasing workforce performance
  2. Efficient, faster hiring process
  3. Higher employee retention, lower turnover
  4. Removal of bias, increased workforce diversity
  5. Direct and indirect time and cost savings

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