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AI meets Society

Data is the fuel of the digital economy, and AI is the powerful gearbox that allows us to unlock its value. While market stakeholders focus almost singularly on the AI’s impact on business, an even bigger opportunity lies in using AI-powered services to transform people’s lives at global scale.

This Thursday and Friday, Knack CEO Guy Halfteck will lead a Beyond Forum deep-dive into the unprecedented opportunities that AI presents for producing extraordinary economic and societal impact at timescales and unit economics never seen before. 

Together with a group of leaders from workforce development, career counseling, vocational skilling, education, and talent strategy, this deep-dive will unpack the opportunities to tap the power of AI to solve the grand challenges of our time: ensuring equality, providing massive access to employability and opportunity, eradicating poverty, and accelerating socioeconomic mobility.

Solving these challenges isn’t simple. The solution requires catalytic technology innovation that allows masses of people to discover their hidden potential, empowers them to turn such potential into valuable employable talent, and enables them to identify and connect instantly with the most suitable work, gigs, entrepreneurship and other 21st century forms of economic opportunity.

It’s an awesome challenge to be sure, but it’s one we for the first time have a chance to crack in a truly global fashion.

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