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Knackonomics: Connecting Refugees with Opportunity in Germany

Over the past two years Germany saw an influx of more than 1.5m refugees. Public vocational training and job placement agencies were completely overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with such volume: bureaucracy, an analog mindset, and
outdated services and technology result in refugees waiting for a very long time
only to be mis matched with some kind of work that doesn’t tap their true potential.

Over this period we entered into multiple partnerships to connect refugees with opportunity, with the goal of increasing the velocity and quality of talent identification and talent matching.

Today, we’re working with the leading vocational training and job placement initiatives in Germany:
-Joblinge, founded by BCG, uses Knack to identify the talents of unemployed
youth and refugees
BBQ Berufliche Bildunguses Knack to identify high potential refugees for 
vocational training programs
-Jobs4Refugees is embedding Knack into Germany’s largest online job board for refugees
-Devugees uses Knack campaigns to find coding talent among refugees for their year-long coding academy 
-Stiftung Jobfuehrerschein, launched by PwC, uses Knack to connect refugees with jobs in Berlin 
-Berlin-Mitte Job Center uses Knack to identify the talents of long-term
-BMW Foundation launched the first ever large-scale Knack-a-thon in Germany to help refugees identify their talent and connect with employers

Looking at just two dimensions of the data is already telling a compelling story of the human talents and workforce potential hidden within the refugee population.

Moreover, throughout these partnerships we’ve also seen that Knack not only helps surface hidden talent and connect people with economic opportunity, but also brings hope to those who already gave up.

In the coming months we’re going to expand our private and public partnerships to unlock hidden talent across Germany and to accelerate the skill development and integration of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals into the economy.

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